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Welcome BARE International Evaluator!

Vancouver airport travelers, badge holders or someone willing to purchase a fully refundable ticket - We are looking for Y O U (or someone you can refer!).

We have Duty Free shops available immediately in the International terminal of Vancouver. The shops are post security. They are inquiry shops and require no purchase.

They must be completed right away! Please email Kathy at if you are interested.

Dear Evaluator, BARE International is pleased to announce that we've updated our Extended Shopper Profile (ESP). The ESP requests additional demographic information about your interests, habits, and capabilities. Your responses in the ESP help us to get to know you better.

The ESP is quick and easy to complete. It is important to answer all the questions and to keep your ESP updated regularly. You may find your ESP by clicking the link in your Shop Log or in your Profile page. Please click here for a brief video demonstration.

BARE International highly recommends against our evaluators using @AOL, @HOTMAIL, or @YAHOO email addresses when registering with BARE. These providers have been noted to block email coming from Apollo or deliver to Junk/Spam folders, preventing our evaluators from receiving alerts, communication about assignments, and exciting new job postings.

BARE International is pleased to announce that our popular Referral Program is now available in over 70 countries. This is a fun and easy way to email your friends and family about registering as an Evaluator for BARE. If they successfully complete assignments you will receive referral points which turns into cash for you.
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